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Project Bianchi

What’s it about?

Recently I got an old Bianci bike. As I have a pretty new hypersonic carbon bike, the question arised: What to do with it?

Only steel is real

Of course, I decided to keep the bike and put it back in good condition. My experience with bicycles, and especially their repair and maintenance is limited, so I expect an exciting journey after which I will have learned many new lessons.

… and hopefully the bike will also be nice, shiny and ready for use again.

Make and model

From researches it seems to be a Bianchi from 1983 or 1984, but I wasn’t able to define the exact model and year, so far. As soon I have more information this will be updated.

For sure, it was not in the high-end range, as the back derailleur is early Shimano 105, 6 speed freewheel and a Huret Club 2 front derailleur. Of course it offers no indexed shifting.



Bild 80 von 81

Final result - Regina CX/CX-S freewheel

New pictures will be uploaded regulary …